AppleScript Toolbox 2.0


AppleScript Toolbox (AST) version 2.0 is finished. A whole new osax with almost the same interface as in version 1.x. The difference are described in the post “The Road to AppleScript Toolbox 2.0”. Apart from those changes some commands have been updated and improved and better naming in the interface (dictionary). Each command is now updated and sometimes they had to be complete rewritten. But the AppleScript user shouldn’t be bothered with all kind of boring technical data about AST’s new internals but should be using it right away and enjoying the tuned commands.

AST 2.0 will be launched with 20 basic commands.

  • AST version – return the version of the currently loaded AST osax.
  • AST list processes – return the processes running on your system.
  • AST list folder – return the items of a given folder.
  • AST list volumes – return the currently mounted volumes.
  • AST query metadata – Query the metadata database of the system.
  • AST metadata for file – return all available metadata of the given file.
  • AST application for file – return path to file handler.
  • AST click – click the mouse.
  • AST mouse point location – return the current location of the mouse.
  • AST set mouse point location – move the mouse to the given location.
  • AST format date – return the date as string in format.
  • AST copy string – make a copy of the string while applying actions.
  • AST find regex – apply regular expression to string.
  • AST guess language for – guess the language of the given string.
  • AST levenshtein distance – the distance between two string.
  • AST copy list – make a copy of the list and apply certain actions to it.
  • AST base64 encode – encode a string into n base64 encoded string.
  • AST base64 decode – decode a base64 encoded string into a string.
  • AST URL encode – encode a string into n URL encoded string.
  • AST URL decode – decode a URL encoded string into a string.

Still, if you have an idea for a new command, there is plenty of room for more. Download AppleScript Toolbox 2.0 from this link to version 2.0.2



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