AppleScript Toolbox 3

AppleScript Toolbox hasn’t had many updates lately. The latest version is stable and didn’t require any updates. However over time there are some functions that have an deprecated state in Sierra and should be updated properly. The problem with better and newer alternatives provided by Apple is that they make backward compatibility hard.

When I released AST 1 I was proud to release an OSAX that could be used from Snow Leopard to Yosemite. Many AppleScript users could use and distribute the same OSAX over many different systems. However in modern times it seems more mandatory to use update your system to the latest versions.

The first signs of this problem is already clear in AST 2, certain options won’t work. Still I tried to work around some problems so I could still compile and target for Snow Leopard systems. These quirks and hacks made it possible that AST 2 could run on Snow Leopard but some commands already failed completely (Base64 encoding/decoding). To make a stable version without use of deprecated resources and completely up-to-date to the latest requirements I need to make some cuts.

Because Apple officially dropped support for Mountain Lion last year I expect that support for Mavericks will be dropped by the end of this year. Therefore I will release AST 3 within a few weeks where all commands who uses deprecated resources be updated. The reason for a major version number change is that I no longer will compile for Snow Leopard systems. That means that AST 3 will only load on Yosemite and newer.

P.s. If anyone ever need an older version of AST ask me in the contact form and I’ll send you a link.


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