The end of AppleScript Toolbox

I’ve been busy lately and some of you have been waiting for AST 3.0 for a long time. AST 3.0 was in beta for more than a year, it may be surprising that it not me why AST comes to an end. The Reason why AST 3.0 was never in a hurry because the changes where minor and it would only cause backward compatibility issues when meeting the latest standards from Apple. The reason why AST 3.0 will never be released and AST comes to an end is because of Apple’s new policies in the upcoming new OS; Mojave (MacOS 10.14).

Scripting additions from 3rd parties will simply no longer load. It doesn’t matter if it’s properly code signed or comes from an known developer. This drastic measure from Apple comes both expected and as an surprise. I’ve expected this back in in Mac OS X Panther days because OSAXen were really dangerous to the system, however with 10.5 and 10.6 updates it became more and more secure. While a lot of OSA related frameworks were de-deprecated in the latest OS versions I had my hopes up they would fix the last few OSAX issues. That’s why this came as an surprise for me as well.

AST was designed to keep the natural syntax of AppleScript. You can execute regex in bash or more complex ASObjC but that was never the point of AST. Both do shell script commands and ASObjC requires a new and higher level of programming skills from the user while AST never asked this. With AST you only needed to know AppleScript.

You can PM me if you have struggles to find alternatives for AST commands in ASObjC or do shell script.

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